Inspired by Vermont. Designed by Vermonters. Meet the artists who are following their Green Mountain muses.

Abby Galton

Abby Galton is V.E.C.’s youngest artist. This teenage designer, based in the Woodstock area, caught the drawing bug i...

Maelily Robison

It doesn’t get any more Vermont than Maelily Robison. She grew up in Cabot—famous for its cheese—and married a fourth...

David Magnanelli

Design is a second career for chef-turned-artist David Magnanelli. He spent 20 years in restaurant kitchens, where hi...

Colleen Wilcox

Words are powerful. And when Colleen Wilcox hand letters and then artfully arranges them into objects, they’re also b...

Harrison Johnson

Growing up, Harrison Johnson had one overarching goal for his career. “I wanted a job that didn’t feel like work,” he...

Heather Drury

Heather founded Drury Design in Richmond, a screen-printing studio focused on creative playful and inventive baby clo...


Methodikal is a Burlington-based design and branding studio. Owned and operated by Seth Drury and Mike Hannigan, Met...

Rob Donnelly

Clay, paper, still life, digital techniques. It’s all fair game for animator and illustrator Rob Donnelly. “I never r...

Sarah Rosedahl

Sarah Rosedahl is an artist and recovering software engineer who spent nearly three decades in California’s Silicon V...

Mark Gonyea

Simple shapes and bold colors make a big statement. Green Mountain author, illustrator, and designer Mark Gonyea is a...
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