David Magnanelli

David Magnanelli

Design is a second career for chef-turned-artist David Magnanelli. He spent 20 years in restaurant kitchens, where his only canvas was a diner’s plate. Now, as a graphic designer based in Colchester, he serves up funky, geometric, and retro-inspired visual communications for a wide range of clients, including the Vermont industry trifecta: craft beer, ski areas, and an artists’ collective.

Magnanelli’s mix of clients and projects illustrate that he has fully embraced his adopted state. Born and raised in Maryland, Magnanelli was far more accustomed to strips malls, cities, and urban sprawl. “When you get to Vermont, you can immediately feel it’s different from other places,” says Magnanelli. “I love being surrounded by pine trees, rivers, and mountains. I never take it for granted.”

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