Harrison Johnson

Harrison Johnson

Growing up, Harrison Johnson had one overarching goal for his career. “I wanted a job that didn’t feel like work,” he explains. Fast forward to his current graphic design and illustration business, and it’s easy to see that Johnson is living his childhood dream. He’s put his creative talents to work for hip pursuits in and around Burlington, including ArtsRiot, a live music venue; Truck Stop, an outdoor food and drink festival; and Liberty Mutts, an off-leash adventure park for dogs.

Harrison is a Vermonter through and through. Born in Brattleboro, he’s spent his entire life in the Green Mountains—crossing state lines to go to college but then coming right back. His favorite part about Vermont? “The people,” he says. “They’re hard working, they’ve got a good attitude, and they’re resilient.” He says finds inspiration all around, “in skiing, motorcycles, dogs, and the many incredible artists that call Vermont home.”

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