Colleen Wilcox

Colleen Wilcox

Words are powerful. And when Colleen Wilcox hand letters and then artfully arranges them into objects, they’re also beautiful. An avid reader, writer, and collector of motivational quotes, Wilcox transformed her once haphazard doodling hobby into a full-fledged business. Through Wander On Words™, her aim is to “bring light and positivity to people” by crafting ingenious prints (check out her state collection), cards for every occasion, and stickers.

Wilcox is a transplanted Midwesterner who had never been to Vermont before deciding to move here in 2014. She and her husband wanted to live in the mountains and be closer to all the outdoorsy things they loved to do—hiking, biking, camping, and snowboarding, to name a few—and Vermont fit the bill. When Wilcox isn’t making art at her home in Pittsfield, you can find her mountain biking on the many trails in and around Rutland.

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