Heather Drury looking through a metal sculpture in a grassy field

Heather Drury

Heather founded Drury Design in Richmond, a screen-printing studio focused on creative playful and inventive baby clothing. Heather has been inspired by art since childhood. After years of graphic design work, the pull of creating art in a more tactile way lured her away from her Mac and she became fascinated by the deep, rich hues and vivid brightness that’s inherent in the screen-printing process.

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Breakfast with FriendsBreakfast with Friends
Design by Heather Drury
Breakfast with Friends Sale priceFrom $28.00
The Heart of VermontThe Heart of Vermont
Design by Heather Drury
The Heart of Vermont Sale priceFrom $28.00
Design by Heather Drury
Vermutt Sale priceFrom $28.00
Vermutt 3" Sticker
Paddle Power Sticker
Heart of Vermont Sticker
Sold out
Over the HumpOver the Hump
Design by Heather Drury
Over the Hump Sale price$32.00
Over the Hump Sticker
Sold out
The Heart of Vermont Canvas Tote BagThe Heart of Vermont Canvas Tote Bag
Save 25%
Breakfast with Friends (Long)Breakfast with Friends (Long)
Design by Heather Drury
Breakfast with Friends (Long) Sale price$28.50 Regular price$38.00
Breakfast with Friends Tea TowelBreakfast with Friends Tea Towel
Future Foodie
Design by Heather Drury
Future Foodie Sale price$28.00
On sale
Design by Heather Drury
Loved Sale priceFrom $21.00 Regular price$28.00