Sarah Rosedahl

Sarah Rosedahl

Sarah Rosedahl is an artist and recovering software engineer who spent nearly three decades in California’s Silicon Valley. “My only artistic outlet for 25 years was doodling in meetings,” she explains. That changed when a series of life twists and turns landed her in North Hero, Vermont.  “We bought a small farm that had a chicken coop, so we decided we should get chickens,” she notes.

A star was hatched.

Sarah starting painting and illustrating her new feathered friends, along with other farm animals and wildlife of the Lake Champlain Islands. Those paintings and illustrations eventually found their way into books, including What the Cluck, a collection of political cartoons, and coloring books Difficult ChickensDifficult Dogs, and Chickens! Illustrated Chicken Breeds A to Z. Sarah’s whimsical illustrations also grace her own line of greeting cards as well as the Slogger® Chicken Collection and Cowabella rain boots and garden shoes.

Check out more of Sarah’s work on her website.

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