Mark Gonyea

Mark Gonyea

Simple shapes and bold colors make a big statement. Green Mountain author, illustrator, and designer Mark Gonyea is a believer in big statements. 

“Complicated doesn’t make it good,” he says. That, in fact, is the title of his first book, a primer on design for pint-sized artists. He followed that up with fan favorites One Little MonsterA Book About Color, and The Spooky Box. Mark’s design isn’t just for kids. His playful approach is on full display in his narrative “Story Posters” and online comic strip “Mr. Oblivious.”

Mark moved to Vermont from upstate New York 20 years ago and decided he had to stay. “The whole state is just so beautiful,” he reflects. And he’s not just saying that. In all his travels, Mark asks himself: “Do I like this more than Vermont?” His answer for two decades? A resounding “Nah.”

See more of Mark’s work on his website.

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