How we approach things

What are we doing: We want you to help us celebrate your love for the things that make Vermont unique and special.

What is it: Vermont Eclectic Company is a collaborative effort that will sell custom-designed t-shirts and other wares featuring the imagery of Vermont artists. Sales will take place at our gallery stores in downtown Woodstock, Vermont, Stone Mill in Middlebury, Vermont, as well as online.

What are we asking of artists: We’d like to commission you to create a design that will be featured on t-shirts (and possibly other items) that we’ll be selling in our store. This is a collaborative effort: you’ll create the designs, we’ll pay you for them, and then we’ll market and sell them, plus handle the day-to-day operation of the business.

What’s the story we’re trying to tell: We believe that Vermont is a truly special place. Vermonters are happier and kinder people. They have a respect and love for nature and our environment. It’s a great place to raise a kid, or just act like one. It’s both modern and rooted in the past. It embraces traditional values yet it’s also ahead of the curve on social issues. In short, it’s an incredible state to visit and call home.

What are the design parameters: First and foremost, we want your design to be something you’re excited to create. It needs to be an expression of Vermont – the people, the land, the lifestyle, the culture, the sense of humor – but what that means is up to you. The only things we ask are:

  • That your final submission use a maximum of three colors (one or two is generally preferred). The printing area will be limited to the front of the shirt, with a maximum print area of roughly 14” x 16”. Designs should be submitted digitally, with production-ready art supplied as either an Adobe Illustrator vector file or a high-res PSD file.
  • That the design doesn’t step on anyone else’s copyright or intellectual property.
  • That your design is a new creation, and not something you’ve done before.
  • That you keep in mind that V.E.C. is a family show, so please stay away from sexy bears, horny woodchucks, and other sexual themes. Also, please avoid anything mean or intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. When in doubt, we’d suggest following the same rules we have at our Thanksgiving table for getting along with our nutty relatives: No politics. No religion. No whining.
  • That you share your final design on any social media platforms you participate in, and tag Vermont Eclectic Company.

 That’s it. Have fun. We can’t wait to see what you create.